TrackScan 3D Scanner System delivers high-precision 3D solution without markers. In combination with 3D laser scanning technology (0.020 mm resolution) and flexible probing function (0.030 mm of single point repeatability), it offers rapid and accurate data collection of overall size and key features.

TrackScan 3D system meets the demands of product development, quality control, reverse engineering, etc. It can work with Robot-Arm to provide the automatic 3D measurement solution for manufacturers.


No Markers Required

The optical tracking technology allows high accuracy 3D scanning solution without markers, delivering easy-operation, time-effective and labor-saving.

Portable CMM

For special requirements, such as hole, edge and cylinder inspection, using portable CMM T-Probe enables high-accuracy measurement and 0.030 mm of single point repeatability.

thiết bị cầm tay CMM đo linh động

Robust Performance and Enhanced Efficiency

Thiết bị di động CMM

T-Probe features single-point repeatability of up to 0.025 mm and a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049 mm. Its measurement rate can reach 60 measurements/sec, built for efficient and accurate measurements of parts of various kinds.

Comfortable Use and Easy Operation

Made in carbon fiber, T-Probe is lightweight, weighting only 450 g. Its portability and ergonomic handle make it easy to probe. Operators can work with it for a long duration without feeling tired.

Ultra-high Pixels for Intricate Details

TrackScan-Sharp tracking 3D scanning system is equipped with a brand-new industrial camera. The camera features 25 megapixels, which is 5 times that of its previous generation. Thanks to its dynamic adaptive LED algorithm, long-distance depth of field, and strong anti-interference ability, the system can automatically acquire clear images in a range as long as 6 meters.

camera trackscan

Fast 3D Scanning & New Data Transmission

Due to its optical tracking technology, TrackScan 3D Scanner can precisely measure parts without having to stick reference targets. Its large tracking volume allows users to measure multiple parts at the same time, thus significantly improving operations efficiency.

Pre-computation & Impressive Performance

The newly designed i-Tracker has an onboard processor for efficient image processing and data computation, which can deliver coordinates in real-time. This innovative pre-computation saves the computer’s computing power so that it’s more capable of processing the scanned data. It optimizes the data and makes it more reliable and stable, impressing users with outstanding performance.

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Large-volume Measurement

Powered by its wide measurement volume and robust edge measurement algorithm, TrackScan-Sharp enables one-stop scanning of large-scale parts. There is no need for users to move the tracker frequently when measuring large parts, which ensures efficient, smooth, and precise measurements.

khoảng cách đo trackscan

Innovative Design

Made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber in a sphere shape, the i-Scanner is for heavy use. Its ergonomic handle can ensure the long-session use of the Trackscan 3D scanner without causing much fatigue, which ensures free measurement.