TrackScan 3D System delivers high-precision 3D solution without markers. In combination with 3D laser scanning technology (0.020 mm resolution) and flexible probing function (0.030 mm of single point repeatability), it offers rapid and accurate data collection of overall size and key features.

TrackScan 3D system meets the demands of product development, quality control, reverse engineering, etc. It can work with Robot-Arm to provide the automatic 3D measurement solution for manufacturers.

Tech Specs

No Markers Required

The optical tracking technology allows high accuracy 3D scanning solution without markers, delivering easy-operation, time-effective and labor-saving.

Portable CMM

For special requirements, such as hole, edge and cylinder inspection, using portable CMM T-Probe enables high-accuracy measurement and 0.030 mm of single point repeatability.

Two Laser Sources in One Scanner

The red laser scan mode performances high flexibility and efficiency, and the blue laser mode easily captures extreme details with 0.020 mm resolution.

Composite Positioning

TrackScan 3D system supports camera tracking and marker tracking modes. In the blind area of E-Track, the scanner can recognize the markers to keep working in narrow space, such as cockpit and car interior dashboard.

Dynamic Referencing

Benefitting from dynamic reference function, TrackScan 3D system can work normally during part’s position shifting or E-Track movement.

Extendable Measuring Volume

The measuring volume is dynamically extended by adjusting the positions of the E-Track, meanwhile the accuracy still gets maintained.

Integrated Design

The integrated design makes the TrackScan-P22 sturdy and durable, regardless of environment instability, vibrations and thermal variations.